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Chris Kelty’s Two Bits

Those friends and colleagues who have followed my adventures in open access publishing or who have participated with me in discussions such as those that unfolded in my graduate seminar Contesting Culture as Property may find Chris Kelty’s new book Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software of particular interest. Chris’ book has just been published by Duke University Press and Duke has signed off on an innovative series of experiments that Chris is orchestrating in connection with the book’s publication. In addition to traditional purchase of the print object, Chris and Duke have made the book available for download as a free PDF. Even more interesting is its availability in a CommentPress and html format. Chris encourages interested readers to “modulate” the book in a wide range of ways–something that is possible given its Creative Commons license. Rather that read me talking about it, I urge folks to visit the book’s website at Congratulations go to Chris and thanks go to Duke University Press for its openness to innovation.

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