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Translation / Transformation Conference

Congratulations to the student organizers who hosted the Translation/Transformation conference last Friday and Saturday (May 16-17) at The Ohio State University. This was a conference organized by the Folklore Student Association at OSU and the Folklore and Ethnomusicology students from Indiana University. It was a wonderful, lively, productive graduate student conference in which faculty from the two programs were asked to serve as panel discussants. The student papers, from those delivered by undergraduates to those offered by seasoned dissertation writers, were uniformly excellent and the OSU students, as local hosts, really rolled out the red carpet for everyone participating. It was a wonderful event, with plenty of time for fruitful discussion and social networking. The faculty participants, including myself, seemed uniformly pleased with, and impressed by, the overall effort. The student organizers clearly worked very hard to make the event a success. Until the link goes away, the conference program can be found online here.

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