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This is the landing page for larger projects, past and present. Where more detailed information is available to share, it will be linked to from here.

Museum Ethnography in the Native South (2020-present)

Learn more about this project involving museum- and community-based research on material culture collections from, and exhibition representations of, the Native American peoples of the Southern US. (Learn about the Euchee basket pictured below in this post.)IMG_5454

Collaborative Work in Museum Folklore and Heritage Studies (2017-present)

Learn more about this binational, team project focused on the study of textiles and intangible cultural heritage policy among Yao, Dong and Bai communities in Guangxi, Guizhou, and Yunnan China.AFS2019 Jackson and Zhang C (Slides)

Intangible Cultural Heritage and Ethnographic Museum Practice (2013-2016)

Learn more about this binational, team project focused on professional exchange between Chinese and American museums of ethnography and the development of the major traveling exhibition and catalogue Quilts of Southwest China.


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