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Pílla toksali ishaaissacha’chika hánglolihmat chokma amahoobatok…

The normal headnote follows here instead as a footnote.*

Dan –

Pílla toksali ishaaissacha’chika hánglolihmat chokma amahoobatok. Chokmat ishtoksaháli bíyyi’kattooka ithánali. Chimittibaatoksali’, chiholisso pisa’, chinkana’ iicho’ma’at chinchokma’chihookmano ilanhi. Chokmat isháa’shki.

Yammak ílla.

Yakkookay chimanhili

Lokosh (Joshua D Hinson, PhD)


The Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur, Oklahoma via WikiMedia Commons (CC-BY-SA 3.0).

Dan –

So when I heard that you were going to retire it seemed good to me. I know you’ve worked tirelessly, and that you’ve done your work well. Your coworkers, your students, your friends – we all wish you well. Be good as you’re going along.

That’s it.

Sincerest thanks

Lokosh (Joshua D Hinson, PhD)

*Above find the seventh in a series of guest posts offered in celebration on the occasion of our colleague and friend Daniel C. Swan’s retirement from the University of Oklahoma, where he has served with distinction as a Professor of Anthropology, Curator of Ethnology, and Interim Director of the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. Lokosh (Dr. Joshua D Hinson), Director of the Chickasaw Language Revitalization Program, does the important work of reminding us of the importance of keeping Turtle Island’s first languages in use. This series of guest posts has been organized in partnership with Michael Paul Jordan. –Jason Baird Jackson

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