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Scott Zarrow (1958-2012)

I have lived in five cities. They all have their charms and I have a sense of connection to all of them, but Tulsa is special for lots of reasons. The internet means that I can listen to the Tulsa public radio station (KWGS is great) and keep up with the museum exhibitions at Philbrook and Gilcrease that I usually do not get to see. I read the Tulsa World with enough regularity to be permanently irritated with those who comment on the stories there, but I feel obligated to keep up what is going on in the city where my adult sensibilities and career came into focus and where so many friends live. I am excited to hear about positive changes downtown in Tulsa and in the arts and culture scene, in alternative media, and with the struggling sustainability cause. Even as members at a distance, Amy and I get a tremendous amount from staying connected to our synagogue there. And Tulsa is a great, vibrant corner of Indian Country.

People are what make Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma exceptional and friends there are why my head and at least some of my heart lives there. Outstanding among many outstanding Tulsans was Scott Zarrow, who died today. This a terrible loss for his family, for Tulsa, and the world. Scott was an amazing community leader from a family synonymous for selfless community-mindedness. As everyone in Tulsa knows, the city and region are so much better places because of the contributions that the Zarrow family, with Scott prominent among its members, have made to the improvement everyone’s quality of life.

The Tulsa World‘s story about Scott cannot do justice to his life and works, but it is a good start for those who did not know him.

May the memory of the righteous be for a blessing.

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