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Folklorist and Technology Writer Audrey Watters @audreywatters Now Blogging at Insider Higher Education

Folklorist (M.A. in folklore from the University of Oregon, 2000) and technology writer Audrey Watters has a new column/blog at Inside Higher Education, the free daily newspaper for the higher education community. It is called Hack [Higher] Education. Describing the goals for the blog, she writes:

In this blog, I plan to address some of the developments in the tech industry and analyze how these might impact teaching, learning, institutions, teachers, students. But I’m also just as intrigued by the possibilities of the inverse:  how will education “hack” technology?  In other words, how will teachers and students and institutions “hack” technology back? How will a new era of technology and a new generation of technology users challenge some of the institutional practices, policies, and power-players both in education and in education technology? … My posts on Inside Higher Ed will — like me — traverse both the worlds of academia and the worlds of “hackers” (or at least the worlds of technology companies, both established and upstart).

Her first column/post can be found here. Congratulations Audrey.
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