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Streaming Video from #AFS11: Attend a Folklore Meeting Online!

Let the #AFS11 posts begin. The 2011 American Folklore Society meetings will be held here in Bloomington on the campus of Indiana University. This is the 1st time since 1968 that the meetings have been held on a college campus (that 1968 meeting was also here at IU). It may be a record meeting in terms of attendance and many innovative program items are going to be debuted. The first of these to mention, and the one of greatest potential interest to those who cannot attend, is the news that selected portions of the meeting will be accessible online via streaming video. In the remainder of this post (below the fold, so to speak) I will share the details. Highlights include the Opening Plenary Address by Henry Glassie  (“War, Peace, and the Folklorist’s Mission”), The Francis Lee Utley Memorial Lecture of the AFS Fellows by Margaret Mills “Achieving the Human: Strategic Essentialism and the Problematics of Communicating across Cultures in Traumatic Times”, and the AFS Presidential Address by C. Kurt Dewhurst “Museums and Folkloristics: Folklorists’ Legacy and Future in Museum Theory and Practice.” This is just a portion of the events that are scheduled to be streamed. Learn the details on how to do it and what is going to be accessible below. (The first two of these three major addresses relate to the conference theme–Peace, War, Folklore. This theme was chosen to articulate with the IU “Themester” theme of Making War, Making Peace. The full conference program is freely accessible here. It contains abstracts for all events.)

American Folklore Society 2011 Annual Meeting Sessions To Be Streamed Online

Through the generous services of Indiana University’s Collaborative Technologies office, a number of sessions, including all the plenary addresses, at next week’s American Folklore Society annual meeting in Bloomington, Indiana, will be able to be viewed live online.

These webstreamed sessions will also be archived and available for viewing after the meeting.

The URL for all live streams and archived versions for each day or part of a day are listed below, as are the details for all streamed sessions. All times shown are Eastern US Daylight time (GMT-4).

To view these sessions, Flash must be installed in your web browser.


Wednesday, October 12 live URL:

Wednesday, October 12 archive URL:

7:00-9:00 pm

Opening Ceremonies and Opening Plenary Address

Henry Glassie (Indiana University, retired), War, Peace, and the Folklorist’s Mission


Thursday, October 13 live URL:

Thursday, October 13 archive URL:

8:00-10:00 am
 AFS Poster Exhibitions

Jason Baird Jackson (Indiana University), curator
Marsha MacDowell (Michigan State University Museum), Jeff Todd Titon (Brown University), and Steve Zeitlin (City Lore, Inc.), discussants

Poster Exhibition 1: Folklore Studies and the Digital Humanities

  • Chad Buterbaugh (Indiana University), Making the Webinar Work for Public Folklore
  • Maryna Chernyavska (University of Alberta), Crowdsourcing Ukrainian Folklore Audio
  • Thomas A. DuBois, Carrie Roy, and Tim Frandy (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Adapting the ARIS Platform to Create a Situated Ethnography of the Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill Protest
  • John B. Fenn (University of Oregon), Mimetic Inquiry = (Ethnographic Fieldwork + Creativity in Analysis) x Digital Tools
  • Jon Kay (Indiana University/Traditional Arts Indiana), Artisan Ancestors: Podcasting about Research Methods and Material Culture
  • Kathryn Anne La Barre (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Unearthing Hidden Treasure
  • Josephine Elizabeth Joyce McRobbie (Indiana University/Traditional Arts Indiana), Traditional Arts Indiana and the Second Servings Podcast: Supporting and Sharing Cultural Heritage through Digital Media
  • Amber Ridington (Independent), Applied Ethnography, Indigenous Representation, and Virtual Exhibition: Dane Wajich—Dane-zaa Stories and Songs: Dreamers and the Land

Poster Exhibition 2: Peace, War, Folklore

  • Janet L. Langlois (Wayne State University), Haunting, Memory, and War
  • Karen E. Miller (University of Maine, Orono), Writing on the Wall: Somali Proverbs as Material Cultural
  • Bernadene J. Ryan (Utah State University), Challenge Coins: Agents of Identity in Negotiating Inclusion into Military Communitas
  • Cory W. Thorne (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Survival/Resistance in a Cuban Queer Community: Creative Reactions to the Embargo/Creative Responses to the Revolution

Poster Exhibition 3: Folklore and Folklorists Making a Difference

  • Paddy Baker Bowman (Local Learning), Through the Schoolhouse Door: Folklore, Community, Curriculum
  •  Callie Clare (Indiana University), Preservation through Repurposing: A Visual History of the Rabbit Hash General Store
  • Timon Kaple (Indiana University), Female Country-Rockabilly Musicians in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Jodi McDavid (Cape Breton University), American Eyes in Atlantic Canada: Re-Visioning Early Folklore Fieldwork
  • Jodine Perkins (Indiana University), Artistry and Agency in Seminole Tourist Art Held in Museums
  • Katharine R.M. Schramm (Indiana University), The Rotating Exhibit Network: Outreach, Awareness, and Cultural Heritage
  • Crystal Wallis (Carnegie Mellon University), Get a (Folk)Life: How Folklorists Can Help Arts Agencies and Grantmakers

10:15 am-12:15 pm

Indiana University Folklore: Cores, Cohorts, Canons, and Crossings

Sponsored by the Fellows of the American Folklore Society

John H. McDowell (Indiana University), chair

Barry Jean Ancelet (University of Louisiana, Lafayette), Regina Bendix (University of Göttingen), William Hansen (Indiana University, retired), Elissa R. Henken (University of Georgia), Elliot Oring (California State University, retired), Sharon R. Sherman (University of Oregon)


Friday morning, October 14 live URL:

Friday morning, October 14 archive URL:

Friday afternoon, October 14 live URL:

Friday afternoon, October 14 archive URL:

8:00-10:00 am

The Lives, Work, and Legacy of Three African American Folklorists: Kathryn L. Morgan (1919-2010), Beverly J. Robinson (1945-2002), and Gerald L. Davis (1941-1997)

Sponsored by the Association of African and African American Folklorists

Marilyn M. White (Kean University), chair

Debora Kodish (Philadelphia Folklore Project), Diana Baird N’Diaye (Smithsonian Institution), R. Jeannine Osayande (Dunya Performing Arts Company), Adrienne Seward (Colorado College), Patricia A. Turner (University of California, Davis)

10:15 am-12:15 pm

The Francis Lee Utley Memorial Lecture of the AFS Fellows

Patricia A. Turner (University of California, Davis; 2011 AFS Fellows President), chair

Margaret Mills (The Ohio State University), Achieving the Human: Strategic Essentialism and the Problematics of Communicating across Cultures in Traumatic Times

1:30-3:30 pm

The Peace Corps and Folklore

Mary Magoulick (Georgia College), chair

John Johnson (Indiana University), David Stanley (Westminster College), Elizabeth Tucker (Binghamton University), Sabra Webber (The Ohio State University)

3:45-5:45 pm

Folklore, Fieldwork, and the Study of History: A Discussion

Thomas Carter (University of Utah), chair

Meghann Jack (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Gerald Pocius (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Robert St. George (University of Pennsylvania), Michael Ann Williams (Western Kentucky University)


Saturday, October 15 live URL:

Saturday, October 15 archive URL:

5:30-6:30 pm

AFS Presidential Address

C. Kurt Dewhurst (Michigan State University), Museums and Folkloristics: Folklorists’ Legacy and Future in Museum Theory and Practice

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