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AFS Meeting Program Proposals: Final Reminder

From an email circulated by Lorraine Cashman, AFS Associated Director:

This is your final reminder: the deadline for all proposals for the AFS 2011 annual meeting program is March 31.

If you intend to submit a proposal, please do so as soon as possible. The high volume of submissions increases the likelihood of difficulties in the final days of March. Please allow extra time for our part-time administrative staff to respond to your questions during business hours.

Remember, submitting your proposal requires registration, and to receive the members’ registration rate, you will have to Sign In at

If you don’t know your password, you can reset it from the Sign In screen. If you don’t know your username, use the “Forgot your password?” link and enter your email address. If that address matches the one we have on file, you will still be able to sign in. If you have any trouble, please use the website to “Contact Us” —

When you are ready to submit your proposal, you will start the registration/submission process on the 2011 Annual Meeting page —

Finally, please note that you can use the 2011 Annual Meeting Forum ( for meeting-related discussions. In particular, you can use the “Accommodations” forum topic to coordinate housing, transportation, childcare, or other local arrangements. If you have any suggestions for new annual meeting forum topics that will be useful later this year for those attending the meeting, please let me know.

Thank you for your support of our field and Society.

Lorraine Cashman
Associate Director

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