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#OpenFolklore Presentation from #AFS2010

At the 2010 AFS meetings I gave a presentation about the Open Folklore project. It was part of an experimental panel built around 7 minute talks keyed to 21 slides set to auto-advance every 20 seconds. This format is the one that will be introduced at-large at the 2011 meetings under the name Diamond presentations. (See the recent AFS announcement here.) In the video here, I re-recorded my talk as an audio track with the slide show.  Acoustically, my voice is hardly dynamic or interesting, but I have hope that the words and images help explain what Open Folklore is all about. Converting the slides to a short movie and uploading it to YouTube was good practical experience.

Thanks to everyone who attended the original session at AFS 2010. The panel of these short format presentations was really exciting.

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