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Museum Anthropology Review Gets a New Look

I am very pleased to report that Museum Anthropology Review, the journal of material culture and museum studies that I edit (with the help of many great colleagues), now boasts a new and improved look and feel. MAR is published using Open Journal Systems by the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries as part of the IUScholarWorks Project. My wonderful library colleagues have done great work on our behalf designing a crisp and appealing new journal style (ie. CSS). The new look is visible on the site now. With the next issue (MAR 4(1)), the new content will appear in a nice matching HTML format.  I hope that everyone finds these enhancements to be a significant improvement on the basic style with which we began.  Thanks to all of the IUScholarWorkers for this wonderful work and thanks to all of the authors, editors, peer-reviewers, media reviewers, and readers who are making MAR a big (free-to-the-world) success.

I am so pleased with this enhancement and I cannot say enough good things about everyone at the IUB Libraries. Their commitment to building up a sensible open access (OA) scholarly communications system is inspirational and contagious.

If you find any bugs in the new style, please let us know by email at museumanthropologyreview (at) gmail (dot) com.

Not a registered reader yet?  Its free, it gets you tables of contents sent by email twice per year, and it helps us demonstrate a growing readership. Please sign up and help the cause of OA journal publishing.

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