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My First Webcast

I have been honored with an invitation to participate in a webcast being organized by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). The hour-long event is focused on the ways that librarians at research libraries can assist and partner with faculty members who play leadership roles in scholarly societies, particularly in the areas of scholarly communications and large-scale discipline-wide data curation projects. The story of my work partnering with my friends at the IUB libraries is intended to explicate the first of these two foci. Astronomy-related projects at Johns Hopkins will relate to the second emphasis. My conversation partner Jennifer Laherty (IUScholarWorks Librarian) and I will chat for about 20 minutes followed by the team from Johns Hopkins.  There will be questions from the “audience” at the end.  Beyond the significance of the key issues the event aims to address, the technology to be used is really interesting to me.  I’ll be on the phone, but those who sign up (its free) to participate, will experience the event through their web browsers.  Questions can be asked online and will be presented by the moderator from ARL.  When it is all over, the webcast may get repackaged as a video and made available via ARL’s (or SPARC’s?) video offerings online.

Information on the event, including sign up information, can be found here:

This link will also lead you to related materials that ARL has developed as part of its Campus Outreach Intiative.

Thanks to Jennifer and the good people at ARL for this opportunity. I hope that I can say some things of wider value.

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