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Anthropological Linguist Mary Linn Named DaVinci Fellow

I am so pleased to note that my friend and collaborator Mary Linn (Associate Curator of Native American Languages at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History) has been named as one of five 2009 DaVinci Fellows by the DaVinci Institute. Mary is the founding curator of the museum’s Native American Languages program and has done amazing outreach work with American Indian communities across Oklahoma and the whole of the United States. Among the innovative efforts that she has stewarded is the museum’s annual Native American Youth Language Fair, which, each spring, attracts close to 1,000 American Indian students to the museum for two days of programs in which they make public presentations in the languages of their home communities.

Thanks to Indian Country Today for getting out the news of this well-deserved award. Find their story here. Congratulations Mary! An honor well bestowed.

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