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Two Reviews

Congratulations to Suzanne Ingalsbe and Teri Klassen for each publishing book reviews this week. Suzanne reviewed Yard Art and Handmade Places: Extraordinary Expressions of Home (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2008) by Jill Nokes with Pat Jasper in JFR Reviews. This review is available open access online here.

Teri reviewed Quilts in a Material World: Selections from the Winterthur Collection by Linda Eaton (New York: Abrams, 2007) for the July 2008 issue of Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture 6(2):205-207. Textile, published by Berg, is a commercial journal and the review is only available online in a toll access format. ($29.99 in pay per view!) Some libraries may provide electronic access at this point. The means by which the IU Bloomington libraries provide IU folks will electronic access can not yet get us to the latest issue (there is a 6 month delay for electronic access at IUB).

Congratulations to both reviewers. The hassle of getting to Teri’s review and the ease with which we can all read Suzanne’s reveals again the virtues of open access publishing in folklore, ethnomusicology and anthropology. Lets show JFRR some love!

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