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Libraries’ Collections and Services: Changing Expectations

Here at Indiana University, I am really looking forward to being part of a campus-wide discussion tomorrow that has been organized by the Provost and the Dean of the Libraries. The focus of the event is the future of research libraries in general and at Indiana University in particular. Much time will be devoted to general discussion with attendees, but the Provost and Dean will offer framing comments and I am part of a faculty panel with great campus colleagues. We will each offer five minutes of commentary to foster the general discussion. I am very appreciative of the Provost and Dean for organizing this event on questions so crucial to the future of the university and of scholarship in general. It will be interesting to see where things will go through and beyond this gathering.

Our Provost is headed to a position at her alma matter, the University of Minnesota. Having myself participated as a guest in cognate discussions with excellent librarians and faculty there, I have hope that our discussions in Bloomington will serve her well when she gets to Minnesota. IU and UM are both amazingly fortunate to have such excellent, forward looking librarians and great libraries.

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